International Fund for Animal Welfare


IFAW is a prime example of client referral. IFAW needed an Intranet of sorts that would be easy to manage, easy to extend and reachable from every continent. I chose to use WordPress for this because it’s user interface is relatively straight forward and doesn’t require much more knowledge beyond what users need to utilize the Microsoft Office suite.

The primary challenges were integrating day to day processes with technologies they are already familiar with. Several custom plugins were created and or modified existing ones to adapt such process. The site consists of 5 different posts types ranging from basic interface modifications to posts formulated to act, behave, like Acrobat forms. These custom post types were even setup to run automated tasks and receive PDF form submissions.

My Role

  • Provided Hosting
  • Project Management
  • Theme Development
  • HTML5 Optimized
  • Security Protocols
  • Custom Plugins